I am retired. And I am still young.

Second Innings. Sounds good. At least in the spirit of it.

No. No. I am not that typical old uncle retiring from some public sector undertaking with money in the Gratuity and Provident Fund accounts. I am just 47. Set up a service delivery based business on a local ecosystem in 2012. Worked hard at it for 6 years and got acquired by a much bigger player. I had two choices – 1) To scout for another business idea and strive again to be the next unicorn of the country 2) To get back to life.

For the 6 years that I spent on setting up the business and making it profitable from just 9 subscribers in first month to a 27,800 recurring buyers every month has taken its toll. The first thing that you give up in a startup is – Yourself. Be it the money you should be taking home monthly to keep the kitchen warm and alive, or the time and effort you should be spending on gathering your health together towards longevity of experiencing what you create. Well … I did all the classic ‘make the mistake and learn’ steps. However, #ActiveLife isn’t that easy to build upon. You will mostly fall short of avenues. And then, like-minded company. And then, motivation to actually go out and do it. And then? Well at some point excuses end and the action begins.

Mine started with looking out for the place that could give me the company of like-minded people and the motivation to get out there everyday and play. Yes, I did resort to Google Search engine for my initial round of shortlisting. Followed by an on-ground check of the reality v/s promoted by the promoters content. Followed by multiple rounds with brokers and some conversations with the actual property owners. And this is what it boils down to:

I have attempted to break down the options city wise. Depending on where your home ground is, you will be able to find something that fits your aspirational lookout totally. For some reason, if you are not able to find your place herein … write to me and I will attempt to do justice to your query :



Lotus Arena
3 & 4 BHK starting from INR 60 Lakhs*
Amenities – Multipurpose Playground for Football, Cricket & Hockey | Volleyball Court | Tennis Court | Captive Floodlights for Night Spotting | Club with Swimming Pool | Gymnasium | Party Lawns with Tensile Seating | Badminton Courts | Basketball Court | Jogging Track | TOT Lots – Kids Play Area


The Center Court
3 BHK starting at INR 86 Lakhs*
Amenities – Tennis Academy | Gymnasium | Squash Court | Volleyball Court | Basketball Court | Golf Court | Cycling Track | Jogging Track | Cricket Practice Pitch | Kids Play Area


Bhoomi Celestia
2 BHK starting from INR 1.87 Cr*
Amenities – Terrace Swimming Pool | Yoga Room | Gymnasium | Game Room | Squash Court | Playground | Library | Coffee Lounge | Meeting Room


Aditya Sports City


Magnolia Sports City
2 & 3 BHK starting from INR 16.75 Lakhs*
Amenities – Gymnasium | Swimming Pool | Aerobics Room | Badminton Court | Basketball Court | Cricket Pitch | Squash Court | Tennis Court


Five Rings
Studio, 1, 2 & 3 BHK
Sports Gym | Swimming Pool | Basketball Court | Bowling Alley | Squash Court | Table Tennis | Beach Volley Ball | Jogging Track | Cycling Track | Skating Ring | Snooker & Billiards | Football Field | Tennis Court | Cricket Pitch


*The data is collected from various Advertisement and  information available on Internet.


There’s no greater motivation

There’s not a single day I haven’t embarked on the quest to get fit, to be agile and healthy enough to run after and play with my ‘about to be born kid’.

At least in my mind.

I have taken that run around the Jogger’s Park. Done the Crossfit Training and the military ropes every time I have seen the ads for men’s face wash and hunk working out on TV. I have even taken the Ironman Triathlon Challenge and come out with flying colours everytime I have read about men 15 years elder to me winning the same on Social media. I have even dived from the plan without an instructor and whirled over the stratosphere hanging from a parachute witnessing the brown and green pockets on earth from high up there. And yet, I haven’t skipped the comfortable air conditioning of my office cabin once.

Renuka is due in 8 months. The kid would start walking in 24 months. Even earlier; if my mother is to be believed on her theory about the girl child been able to beat boys to even this basic instinct of taking that first independent step. I have 32 months before I should be wanting to walk behind a child ready to explore the world on their own, unsettled and wandering about every corner of the house, every patch of green in the society and every fragrance that would attract them from within the ecosystem.

To count, that’s hell of a time. I have seen transformations happening on youtube in 100 days with a ‘balanced diet’ and ‘workout regime’. I could very well engage a personal trainer. Yes, I can afford that. And then what? I would need a place for the kid to make fitness a way of life. A residence which would inspire #activelife and playfulness – outdoor activities with the neighbourhood friends my kid would have eventually.

Even Renuka would need that.

I suppose it is about time to give up on contemplation. It is about time I got off the chair and walk the talk I have been giving myself for 10 years now. As they say – ‘The child is the father of man’. What my dad couldn’t make me do … quite likely my kid will.


Happiness and prosperity. We all seek them. The more we look around for them, the more they seem to evade us. If I were a philosopher, I would say – Look within. But then, I am not one. I am the enthusiastic opportunist who believes that if an opportunity doesn’t come your way, you create one rather than wait for the universe to collude into sending one.

Even Isaac Newton credited his key talent and skill to keen observation and patience. And that’s how opportunities come. An apple falling was a regular phenomenon. It still is. Only a patient opportunist could discover gravity around this ‘not-so-critical’ activity of nature.

Likewise, we need to figure opportunities towards happiness and prosperity in our routine lives. We all know that physical activity is a mood enhancer. It helps to decrease stress and depression from our mind and relaxes the body. Physical activities not only include the time at gym but also playing games with your kids or going on a small walk with your loved one. Such activities not only make you physically strong but also triggers a sound and growing mind, as it releases the feel-happy particles in our system.

It is but an obvious statement that a happy mind and body leads to positivity which in turn leads to prosperity. Your behaviour towards the life will let you achieve your goal easily. As you draw closer to that goal, prosperity finds it way into our lives.

Open your mind to the thumb rule of happiness:

1. Include physical activity in your daily routine:

It is important to include some time for exercise in your daily routine – simple workouts, skipping, cycling, running behind a soccer ball, swimming a couple of laps (even just staying in the pool), tennis or a simple walk every morning would do. What would not do is doing nothing!

2. Ample amount of sleep:

Some of the most famous doctors and scientists in Japan attribute longevity of life to sound sleep. 8 hours is base. Not optimum. There’s no point in skipping sleep and feeling lousy all day through. A residence with optimum sunlight, ventilation channels for the natural air, especially the ones subscribing to the tenets of vaastu could make all the difference you need.

3. Eat right :

Great bodies are not made in the gym or the fitness fields but in the kitchen. The things you intake in your body effects your body temperature and hormonal changes these changes will be responsible in the change of your mood. So it is important to consume healthy food.

4. Make targeted milestones to the bigger goal:

No goal is too big. And no milestone is too small. But for every leap you take towards your goal, every step will move you closer. So keep your targets realistic. Keep them on the calendar. And track each stage of development. That’s the only way to analyse your progress. Motion doesn’t always mean movement. Be punctual about the development stages. A healthy and an active mind and body will only complement you towards our goal.

5. Spend some time with your loved ones:

They say there’s nothing like a hug. It inspires. It cures. It’s a remedy or everything that’s not going right in your life. A hug from a loved one can encourage you like nothing else ever can. Keep time out for those who matter to you and for whom you matter.

Open your mind. Find space. Stay Active and make sure every extra hour you invest in your fitness while add days to your life of happiness and prosperity.



Someone  smart  said  –  “A  house  with  few  elements  and  more  space,  makes the people living there calm & focused.”

Most people are aware of this.  Yet very few make note of this.  And  even fewer  are  ever  able  to  imbibe  this  in  real  life. We decided to put together a list of things that could choreograph this experience for you:

  1. Stick to the basics. A bedroom  needs  a  bed,  side  tables,  some  lamps  & lighting,  air conditioning,  a  rug,  wardrobe  and  a  couple  of  plants.  Don’t stuff your big screen TV into it.  Don’t stuff a working desk into it.  And definitely not your laptop.  Though we will let you sneak in the mobile phone.
  2. Don’t clutter the walls. It’s retro and quite insane. You may like to keep all your pics up on the wall. Couple of posters. Even paintings if you have the taste for them.  Crucial  is  to keep  things  in  the  singular  and  as  much  as possible avoid the plural.
  3. Live in the living room. There’s a reason it has been named so. Keep your entertainment gadgets, books shelf, working desk, and everything that is part of your living concept there. Don’t bring it to the bedroom. Don’t let it creep into your dining area and definitely not in the kids space.
  4. Explore the vertical limits. Go vertical with furniture and articles as the space on the height should not go in a waste this will make your room look taller than it appear. Apart from this  you  can  use  full  length  curtains  to make the door and windows look taller.
  5. Look out for  projects  and  developments  that  exude  a  similar  approach  to the  overall  scale.  30-35% covered area and rest open. Open for fitness spaces, activity areas, gazebos, water bodies, plants and flora, walkways and everything that could make #ActiveLife an active part of your daily routine.

Clubhouse should not be the only criteria for you to settle for a residential locality.  Indoors can entertain. However, for enthusing activity in your life, freshness of air and optimising your relativity with the ecosystem, outdoor open spaces are imperative.  Remember, the time spent in scouting for the right place to live in, and the effort put behind doing up the house correct is not wasted – it is an investment in the well-being of yourself and those who matter to you.


I have just been invited to join a soccer club. Should I?

Year on year, we have been advised by health practitioners, wholistic healers, spiritual beings, parents, and in my case even my wife and in-laws – Be Positive. What they don’t realise is that in the run of life, #beingpositive is a function of taking a pause and evaluating circumstances. For most, life runs at frames per second and passes by before the cinematic pause to absorb whats actually happening.

Every Sunday, a bunch of people would get together at the small patch of green in our society and discuss how real estate is going bad and investments are not yielding results. I was just about to dive into the sulking melancholy when the #BePositive thing came around in my mind. Chatterjee, my floor mate was very excited about booking an apartment at #LotusArena in Sector 79, Noida. It was part of a Sports City project and we were told there was a soccer field by design within the development. Mr Manchester United Chatterjee was all gaga about it and curiously looking forward to gathering access to quality life with a superb concept of living within a sports city. He was excited to quickly move in.

Not #BeingPositive hardly means anything if you don’t spread the feeling. In order to cheer up Chatterjee, I cracked up – “Hey Chatterjee! The project will only be delivered in due course buddy, why don’t you set up a Football Club with the other owners at the Lotus Arena and make sure that while you look forward to an active sporty life for yourself, you should inspire others towards an #activelife as well. Why don’t you guys practice some soccer moves?. It will help you digest your fried fish and Rosogullas better. And who knows, when you do move in there – they just might make you the captain of the soccer team!”

Chatterjee took it seriously.

He pulled out his smartphone and logged into the WhatsApp group that had been created for the owners to connect and communicate. And posted the idea on to the group. Surprisingly enough, Chatterjee’s initiative was being responded to positively. Someone suggested they set up a club of health enthusiasts and practice #BeingActive while Chatterjee’s soccer field takes shape. We would be ready for the #ActiveLife. I sensed #PowerOfPositivity being resonated.

Chatterjee smiled at me. Poured a look over his phone. Smiled at me again. My phone buzzed. WhatsApp notification suggested that I had been added to a group called ‘Lotus Arena Soccer Club’.

Well, while you guys muse over whether I should take the bait or not, I am off to buy my first football in the last 28 years. #Cosco was the name I guess.

I just don’t want to be fine, I want to be fit

How often has someone come around and asked you – “So, what going on?” And you have turned around the same old anointment of grief on your soul – “Lagi padi hai yaar!”, or perhaps “Bas chal raha hai!”


While these expressions have paved their way in everyday life, there is good news for people who want to live longer and happier. A few basic lifestyle changes and you could be well on your way to – “Sab fit hai boss!” And in another few months to “Never felt so alive before!” One of the most potent changes is getting, and staying physically active. Interestingly, an #activelife raises healthy HDL cholesterol levels and reduces unhealthy LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. Lowering blood pressure, body fat burn out due to enhanced metabolism benefits the health of your heart.

An #activelife keeps blood vessels through the body healthy, reducing the risk of stroke and keeps your brain sharp. You can be more than confident of staying right out of the path of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Exercise also keeps joint cartilage healthy. The stronger your muscles, the better supported your joints will be and controlled weight by way of physical activity can reverse most joint related issues that occur with age.

The only excuse you could perhaps find is – “Time nhi hai yaar!” It is times such as these that one contemplates having the facilities, the play fields, the gym somewhere around the house, or perhaps office. While office is something neither of us can do much about, thankfully the new age residential developments do consider this requirement very enthusiastically.

I wish to make the choice to move on from excuses.

Owing to extensively sedentary life in a tech development company, lifestyle disorders and obesity had creeped in. And my kid was observing and learning how to snuggle into the comforts of a recliner. On one such weekend, I figured that while I was working hard to take my bank account figures vertically high, the actual me was expanding horizontally. I decided to do something about it. Googling about active life introduced me to a residential concept called Sports City. Pretty much here in Noida in Sector 79. I am wondering if #activelife commences with an active decision to move in. What do you think?